Student Appreciation Week at Living Arts College, May 15-19, 2017
May 20th, 2017




May 20th, 2017

Professor Marx Myth’s class (BU218-Business Practices) took off to Zebulon to tour the facilities of Theo Davis Printing.

This international printing company specializes in both small and large scale printing services. They “provide a spectrum of solutions designed to connect any brand with any audience”.

The students were asked to focus on and absorb information about TDP’s offset and digital printing processes and learn as much as possible about pre-press set up (preparing content appropriately for the printing process). Mike provided insights and inside information on all of this…with spades. He took the group on a personalized guided tour of the facility providing careful details on all stops. We visited the pre-press area (where we spent most of the tour), the print area (digital and off-set), the folding stations (where he discussed different bindery), and then shipping.

At the end Mike gave everyone business cards and encouraged them to send inquires and issues they might be experiencing to him, and also to Valerie Royall the Pre-press Manager.

May 20th, 2017

The Business Practices class (BU218) was fortunate to have a local authority visit and discuss legal issues surrounding creatives. Mike Perry is a Wake Forest attorney with more than 30 years’ experience. He has “represented clients in a wide variety of accidental injury or death claims arising from automobile accidents and premises liability. He has negotiated and tried numerous business and contract disputes in civil court and various charges in criminal court.”

Mike focused on contracts and setting up a business. He methodically went through the process of crafting a contract and provided everyone with a template (actual contract with names removed) to help guide the student’s approach to their individual contract layouts.
Mike also spoke to them about getting legal advice during the process of declaring your business A (LLC, S-Corp, Sole Proprietor, etc.…); this way you can have legal input if changes occur before annual refiling.

At the conclusion of his presentation, Mike left cards for the students. Afterwards Marx escorted him around the campus (his 1st visit). He was very impressed and might seek creative assistance later for advertising and design needs.

May 20th, 2017

by Tyler Pinckney
(BU218-Studio Business Practices)

So we drove over to Clean Design and got the opportunity to meet Scott Scaggs (Chief Creative Office). He was highly impressive and was ready to present with a lot of information about his company and major. Clean Design started with around 16 employees and recently this year have a total of over 60 employees. They are working with big name companies from John Deer to Boone but they are always looking to give back to the community by working with nonprofit organizations or events to create content for them to have work to show potential clients but to also help others out as well.

The look of the place was very minimalistic and Clean…hint the name, but Scott made clear that the vibe of the staff is one of close friendship (they often lunch together and do things after work). He did point out that not all folks can mesh with this close-knit environment. They hire some people and a few of the new hires just didn’t fit in with their fun loose knit style so they had to let them go.

Clean Design’s clients are made to feel like they are a part of the process and so every idea seems to them as their original idea, so when the final project is done they feel “invested”. This keeps the staff and clients close and content.

May 20th, 2017

by Emily Houghland
(BU218-Studio Business Practices)

Adam Cohen is a Designer, Stand-Up Comedian, Visual Artist, and much more. He is a multitasking genius. In fact, I asked him how he kept his life so organized. He referred me to a bullet journal, and after using it for a few days I see how handy it is! The Bullet journal collects all your notes, events, tasks, long term goals, and other miscellaneous information. He said being organized is one of the most important things used to become and then stay successful.

He also talked about considering to work with a corporation or a long-standing business first instead of jumping right into trying to be a freelance designer and make a living. This way I would be able to observe the tips and tricks that company used to stay successful. This would also give you the opportunity to build up your professional portfolio without having to take on the full blame if something were to go wrong.
This leads to another point he made. Once you decide to open your own business, you need to open a separate bank account for any transactions involving the company. You can manage these funds with QuickBooks, Harvest, or any other money managing software. Each software has tons of resources online to help you figure it out. Having a separate bank account from your personal account could also protect you from getting all your money stolen. If you come into legal trouble and get sued for some reason they can take all the company money but none of your personal money or assets would be included in that.

Just as everyone has told me time and time again, networking is your best friend. Adam touched on the topic a little. He mentioned that some of the jobs or opportunities he has come across were simply possible because of the people he knew. As much as I don’t want to say it. Success is a popularity contest, mixed with whether you’re talented or not, and your professionalism skills when you need it. As Adam suggested, I think I’m going start going to different clubs and events and introduce myself and what I do to become a little more recognized. Hopefully getting out there more could lead to some great job opportunities or even a few small ones, anything is better than nothing.
Adam mentioned the importance of staying updated and relevant on social media and online at websites or portfolios. You should be posting at least 2-3 times week on your business profiles. This keeps you in the public eye and helps tracks the progress you continually make. This of course will bring in new customers as well depending on how large your following is.
In all, having Adam Cohen come in and talk to us was very informative. I enjoyed talking to him because he was down to earth yet incredibly experienced. It was a quick talk since not everyone had much to ask him, but I learned a lot.

Living Arts College and “Hola NC”
May 8th, 2017

Apart from being an exhibiting artist, Living Arts College Professor Georges Le Chevallier is also a TV host for the TV Show “Hola NC” which airs in the Triangle on Sunday mornings at 10:30am on Fox 50.

Hola North Carolina is a local bilingual lifestyle program, which appeals to both Spanish and English speaking viewers. The show features segments on Latino lifestyle including food, legal matters, health and beauty, finance, sports and entertainment. Each show features an interview with a prominent local Latino leader. Since joining Hola NC over a year ago, Georges Le Chevallier has interviewed many celebrities, prominent athletes, politicians and artists.

Georges Le Chevallier, who was born in France from a French father and a Puerto Rican mother, grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is fluent in English, Spanish and French. He has also lived in New York City, Long Beach (CA) and Madrid, Spain. His paintings and photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally in respected galleries, cultural spaces and museums.

Georges Le Chevallier is not the only member of the Living Arts College family doing work for Hola NC. Professor Michael Pierce is co-producer and editor for the show, and David Wilson, a Living Arts College alumni, freelances as a camera person for Mr. Pierce.

To see an example of Hola NC, click on the link:

Image Captions:
– Georges Le Chevallier and Contemporary Art Museum’s Exhibitions Director Eric Gaard
– Georges Le Chevallier
– Georges Le Chevallier and Mexican pop singer and actor Michel Duval
– Georges Le Chevallier and UNC System President (and Former US Secretary of Education under President Bush) Margaret Spellings
– Georges Le Chevallier and General Consul of Mexico in the Carolina, Remedios Gomez Arnau
– Georges Le Chevallier and Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (1st Puerto Rican woman to be elected to the US Congress)-
– Georges Le Chevallier and North Carolina FC player, Austin Da Luz
– Georges Le Chevallier and Argentinian Soprano Lorena Guillen and composer Alejandro Rutty

Living Arts College Alumnus on set and at the premiere of film “Unbridled”
May 8th, 2017


Movie premiere for the film “Unbridled” starring Eric Roberts and directed John David Ware.
produced by Moving Visions Entertainment.

Living Arts College graduate Justin Fick worked as an Assistant DIT on the film and was at the premiere event with the rest of the cast and crew.

Students participate in Portfolio Day at The Light Factory
April 19th, 2017

light factory

light factory

Understanding what you need to do and what your work should look like in your career track is very important to students at Living Arts College. That’s why when some students in the Photography program, heard about The Light Factory portfolio day in Charlotte, North Carolina, they were eager to go.

The two-day event was designed to help students from several colleges take a critical look at their work based on the critique of industry professionals. Three very talented students jumped at the chance to go, and learned from the industry professionals, discussing improvements, edits, or a completely different direction, if need be.

Students Kendra Kemper, Kristy Bass, and Tyler Jackson all agreed that this experience enlightened them about what they had to do to improve their work. Kendra gave high praise to her reviewers garnering comments such as, “please change the theme but your work was good”. They also told her that when you get a job in the industry, professionals look for diversified subjects, such as street photography or architecture.

Before attending the event, the students were required to pick out 5 of the professional reviewers, study their websites, and their work in the industry. In that way, the event was presented as a job interview as much as a critique. Students also had to assemble a professionally styled portfolio book of their work that was designed and printed by each student. Professors Mark Smith and Vincent Gardner also attended to help the students prepare for the studio environment.

We at Living Arts College try very hard to get students involved in events that will introduce them to the real world, because we know that one of the most important things about getting a job is that you must be well prepared.

Uptone Pictures Student Field Trip
April 19th, 2017
12343 Wake Union Church Rd.
Wake Forest NC 27587

On Thursday April 13th, Professors Dea Varone & Nick Bagwell accompanied Film students; Noah Holmes, Dylan Powers, Will Roberts, Austin Bitikofer, Bernard Sharpe, and Audio student Cliff Poland to the Uptone Pictures session covering Live Event Video Production & Marketing.

During the event, Jack Eagen, the Senior Editor of Uptone Pictures, discussed his experiences on how to smoothly run live event video production. He also explained how live streaming can be accomplished on location with your video team even when unpredictable things happen.

Mike Davis, the President of Uptone Pictures, discussed the media “PLAN” and the importance of production teams ability to always setup and test equipment on location in prior to shooting to allow extra time for modifications that may be necessary.

Kara Williamson, Producer/Production Designer of Uptone Pictures, explained the advanced level of organization required to reach a large scale audience in an anticipated emergency situation in cooperation with local officials.

In conclusion, this was a beneficial experience for the Living Arts College students as they learn about professional video techniques that are essential to their careers in Digital Filmmaking and Production.

Living Arts College students win big at 2017 Triangle Advertising Federation Awards
March 7th, 2017

Living Arts College received 11 of the 12 awards given at the 2017 Triangle Advertising Federation Awards ceremony.

Cody Hamilton won Best in Show, a Gold award and a Bronze award for his photography work. Jared Macias received a Gold award for his Illustration campaign. Charles Williams Jr. won a Gold award and a Silver award for his photography, plus a Bronze award for his Art direction. Sydney Smith won 2 Silver awards for her photography work. Shannon Sullivent received a bronze award for her menu design. Samual Clement won a Bronze award for his illustration. Congratulations to these student winners. These are very prestigious awards among the Advertising community!