K97.5 at Living Arts College
August 21st, 2017

K97.5 at Living Arts College – The College Tour from Living Arts College on Vimeo.

On August 15th Living Arts College had the pleasure of hosting the kickoff of K97.5’s College Tour. Our students got to experience a live DJ, a game tournament, and a welcome break from the recent midterms. Even the blistering heat couldn’t dampen spirits.

The tour is part of K97.5’s 97 Days Of Summer. It encompasses 10 colleges between August 15th and September 1st. It began with a stop by Living Arts College. While there DJ Breezy was set up at the entrance and Coul Crenshaw hosted. The Mountain Dew Game Truck was brought out and a tournament of Marvel vs. Capcom ensued for the grand prize of tickets to King’s Dominion. During this event LAC alumni Boo Daddy took to the mic to perform some of his new music including “I Ain’t Got Time Today.”

The event was about more than just fun. Not only did our students get to learn more about the business and craft of being a DJ and radio personality but recruiters from K97.5 were on hand to review resumes for possible internships. Truly a great opportunity for students getting ready to transition out of the classroom and into careers.





Alumnus Music Video Premiere at Living Arts College
August 19th, 2017



August 16, 2017

JuztKP (Rapper) and Zach Stamey (Director) of Focus Media are set to premiere the upcoming “Black Soul” music video on August 16th at the Living Arts College.
“Black Soul” addresses head on the conflict and turmoil between African Americans and officers of the law. JuztKP plays a young black male whose high spirited life takes a dramatic turn due to a series of unexpected events. Unapologetic in its approach, “Black Soul” straightforwardly illustrates the unforeseeable future of minorities by the hands of the law.
“Black Soul” took nearly a year of planning and multiple months of filming to complete. One setback after another pushed JuztKP and Zach to revise certain ideas to make others work even better.

Throughout the entire process they were constantly adapting to and overcoming each situation. It was those barriers that pushed them creatively to come up with alternate ideas that turned out to, not only be better, but to re-shape the entire video.

The hope with releasing this video is to spark conversation, make you think, and incite change. Kevin L. Patterson, performing under the alias JuztKP, is a Durham native. He is a father, musician, college graduate, and activist. Started as a singer in his teenage years, but his love for hiphop transcend into his nostalgic, gritty, east coast sound.
Zach Stamey, an alumni of Living Arts College, runs Focus Media; a multi-media production company based in Raleigh. His passion for photography and filmmaking started at an early age
where he could almost always be found with a camera in his hands. That passion lead him to film music videos in places like Nashville, TN with Bubba Sparxxx and Lee Brice, as well as producing
videos and doing photoshoots for magazine covers for Bruno Mars’ bassist Jamareo Artis.

See more work by Focus Media here: www.oakcityvideo.com
Hear more from JuztKP here: www.juztkp.com

Wildlifers.tv – Living Arts alumnus returns to share industry insights with students
August 19th, 2017

Chris and Blake – Wildlifers http://wildlifers.tv/

LAC alumni Chris Koch and his associate Blake Markwell from the adventure series, WildLifers came by to speak to both Interactive Media and Film classes. Debra made the introduction to the media group, giving a backstory on Chris while he was enrolled in classes here. Debra’s story of Chris’s adventurousness lead nicely into the explanation of WildLifers, “a television series featuring real outdoor people and real outdoor experiences. It is driven by different personalities traveling the world in pursuit of one common goal: to experiencing the best in hunting and outdoor adventures.”

Both guys spoke about their positions on the show. Chris is a field camera person, film editor, and also produces several shows. Blake handles most of the media development but also travels with Chris on production shoots all over the globe. Chris encouraged all the students to develop their software skills, but to not forget the need to develop their eye for design. Blake joined in to encourage students to develop their communication skills…breaking down things for people/clients to understand so the work flow is as effortless as possible.

Chris and Blake also spoke at length about the idea of growing the show’s brand.

A strong message was to keep pushing their networking skills. Chris gave a personal account of his hiring for his 1st professional job. During his enrollment here at LAC, he assisted with setting up a video shoot for a local band. The producer noted Chris’s strong work ethic and attention to detail, and hired him. He went on to account how he joined WildLifers.

Students asked questions throughout the presentation, and everyone seemed impressed with their personal journeys. Students spoke afterwards about the pair’s inspirational messages.

Visit from Roy S. Rogers
August 5th, 2017

July 26, 2017

Roy S. Rogers visited Living Arts College today. Roy is the owner of Profile Modeling Agency in Durham, NC and a professional Model & Actor.

His talk today with our students was focused on the role his agency plays in the creative world and how he discovers talent to represent. Roy expressed that brand management was essential and that presenting your brand with integrity plays a huge part in personal success and professional accomplishments.

Roy will be returning to the college in the future with models from his agency to speak about the ways actors and models can influence the public through their talents in advertising and marketing.

Students Pitch Local Industry Professionals
August 5th, 2017

by Professor Marx Myth
July 27, 2017

The Conceptual Design students made their preliminary pitches for a new product/service idea and design. This was a trial run of sorts, but the students were encouraged to be thorough and authoritative and to think along the lines of something like “Shark Tank”.

The class instructor, Marx Myth, asked students to be ready with all didactic content previously covered prior to the pitch. Mr. Myth emphasized they needed to be rehearsed enough to communicate their ideas effectively.

The guest reviewer was Kevin Kolbe (https://kevinkolbe.com/); he was present to observe, listen, and give feedback on the students’ product concepts.

The 2nd reviewer Fredrik Perman (http://theproductfarm.com/) had a last minute deadline, and was unable to be with us. Mr. Perman has committed to return for the final review on Sept. 5th.

Living Arts student gives back to local community
July 27th, 2017


Living Arts College graduate Ola Samuel was featured in the local newspaper, The News & Observer. The newspaper published an article about area residents donating school supplies to the Raleigh Rescue Mission, a nonprofit charity that helps children in need. We at Living Arts College are so proud that our graduate has assisted in making an education available to others!

July 27th, 2017


June 17, 2017

The movie “Voidfinder” from Invader Films, premiered at Living Arts College. Current Film student Austin Bitikofer was a cinematographer and assistant producer and Film student, Asia Bullock was a boom operator for the film.



Preschool Graduation
June 6th, 2017

June 1, 2017

Living Arts hosted a preschool graduation on June 1, 2017. Wakefield Creative School had 30 some young students in preschool and kindergarten walk across our stage for their graduation ceremony. It is a privilege for our college to open our doors to the community in order to encourage education to the young and old alike.

June 2nd, 2017



Our students from Living Arts are featured here in their cosplay for Animazement, a yearly Convention about Animation characters. Animazement is held in downtown Raleigh and many of our talented students dress up as their favorite anime or cartoon characters.

Lenny Terenzi – AIGA & Hey! Monkey
June 2nd, 2017

By Emily Houghland

Today Lenny Terenzi came to speak to our class about professional networking and the importance of relationships in the industry. He was actually part of the very first graduating classes from 1992. He has since worked a few different jobs, including working with SASS and creating his very own business called Hey! Monkey. He is currently the VP for AIGA. The Raleigh AIGA chapter was the 8th chapter to be created out of the now 72 chapters that are working all over the US. They’re mission is to get everyone involved in Graphic Art and help get rid of the sexism, racism, etc. of the industry.

As Lenny was stressing, the most important things you need to be able to accomplish or have are as follows: support network, career advancement, skill based training, break out of your comfort zone, community involvement, and a home. Without these things, someone can’t really succeed or grow because you will always feel trapped in the same shitty job you first got.

Networking for example is not necessary. Giving someone your random business card because it avoids having to talk to them just doesn’t work in the long run. Without the people skills needed to form actual relationships and friends, even if you get a job you won’t be able to keep it, because people are looking for a good atmosphere. If you take someone to lunch or coffee and make conversation that isn’t about work, you’ll make a real connection with that person instead of just exchanging pieces of paper.

Our whole job as an artist or a designer is to influence people. We have to have the sympathy to be able to understand the way the human mind works. Once you can connect with people, you have to decide what your standard for friends and clients is and then go from there. If you think within the first five minutes that the relationship won’t work out, whether its romantic or a friendship, then it may not be worth your time. This is the same way with job hunting too. Of course everyone will work a job they don’t care about to pay the bills for awhile, but once you have the experience you shouldn’t take the first thing thrown at you. Money is also not always the best way to determine if you’ll be happy there or not. Some place may pay you tons of money but you will be miserable working there. Other places may pay moderately but you love the people working there and the environment. You just have to decide what your goal for your career is.

I asked Tenny how he keeps his life so organized. He admits he cries at night from all the stress and things he has to do sometimes, which I can relate to. But as artistic people we admittedly are awful at staying focused or finishing things. It takes a lot to do something when there are so many distractions or ideas in your head. He says he likes to use a calendar instead of a To Do list. The To Do list just keeps piling up and becomes far too scary sometimes. A calendar lets you spread everything out to seem a little easier to digest.

I really enjoyed listening to Lenny Terenzi talk about his life and advice in the industry. He seems to have been through some tough times but kept moving forward. It’s inspiring.